I rent an apartment. Can I be evicted if I file for bankruptcy?

Not immediately. In most cases, the automatic stay will prevent your landlord from evicting you. You will be required to assume your lease, however, which means that you must promise to both make up any missed payments and make all future payments on time. To avoid losing your apartment, you must make all payments when they are due.

There are two exceptions to the rule that your landlord cannot evict you upon filing for bankruptcy, however. If the landlord has already sued you for eviction and the court has given your landlord the right to take possession of your apartment, your landlord will be able to evict you 30 days after you file for bankruptcy. Also, if your landlord has already started eviction proceedings because you endangered the property or used illegal drugs on the property, your landlord will be able to continue those eviction proceedings fifteen days after you file for bankruptcy.